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Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics! These can be sticky subjects sometimes, but GUM Drops makes them much sweeter and a whole lot more fun.

Should I be having my children do a page a day?

Have your children do as much or as little as needed! If you’re following a typical 180-day plan, workbooks won’t carry you through the whole year. But if your children are ready to forge ahead in new concepts, why hold them back? There’s nothing scary about a 3rd grader doing grade 7 work!

Is this a complete grammar curriculum?

GUM Drops is meant to be a supplemental curriculum ??the icing on the cake, as it were. The workbooks provide strong reinforcement to concepts your students should be learning, and make them a ton of fun at the same time.

Is a whole story from classic literature retold?

Yep, that’s spot on. Of course, they’re abridge and condensed; otherwise the workbooks would be thicker than?War and Peace. Each story has been rewritten for the specific grade-level workbook it’s in.

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