Reviews of GUM Drops Grammar

“These workbooks are almost like candy for my son – he loves them! We have used them since the first grade as a supplement for grammar and writing. The idea of using real literature is an added bonus. My son gets drawn into the stories from the excerpts used in G.U.M.drops then has to go read the actual books for himself. The practice of editing has strengthened his grammar and writing skills. Warning: Children can love editing so much they will start to edit everything – their texts, their reading books, menus, store displays, even their parents’ writing.”

— Marilyn R.

“This is a wonderful book. Just needs to be more pages so it would cover a whole year, and if I use this again I will get the books that go along with it and do a book study along with the GUM Drops.”

–Flora G.

“G.U.M drop books have become a favorite of my children. And I love them reading classic literature, so it’s a win win.”

–Stephanie L.

“We have used grades 1 & 3. The lessons are easy to understand and to use. My kids can even read the instructions and start it on their own because it so clearly defined and lined out. It does take someone to double check to make sure they got all the places they should have corrected in the paragraphs and discussion of why they missed it. As far as the literature part, unless you have read the book the reference to the story is lost on the child, but I have had a couple requests to read the books after the lesson peaked an interest in it. Overall I would say its a keeper and will be using it for future grade levels and kids.”

–Holly P.

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